Real and Transcendental in Toltecs’ Teachings


Real and Transcendental in Toltecs’ Teachings

Eleonora Pencheva

The article illuminates the philosophy of the Toltecs, based on the evolving human consciousness. The ancient practices allowed for the warrior-Toltec to expand his consciousness. Then he could “see” and realize the transcendental realities, thus they cease to be illusions, unreal and fantasies. The author puts an accent in the article on the “flying creatures” (voladores) that are described by the Nagual-mystics as beings feeding on human consciousness; that is accordingly the reason why the human mind could comprehend only the 3D reality. The human population has forgotten its spiritual nature due to the lack of energy and consciousness and developed an aggressive way of living. The cosmic energies emanating after 2012 will influence the human consciousness by allowing it to change its perceptions and remember its cosmic origin.

If you want to read the whole article it is available only in Bulgarian here.


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